The Ultimate Crimper
The Ultimate Crimper
The Ultimate Crimper
The Ultimate Crimper

The Ultimate Crimper

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The Ultimate Hair Prep!

Get ready to be blown away by the secret to perfect hair prep.

  • 8 shallow teeth crimper 
  • Ceramic plate ensuring less indentation marks
  • Large panel for quicker prep 
  • Control Handle for precise pressure
  • Adjustable temperature for different hair types
  • Teeth along the plate to prevent hair from slipping
  • PTC technology 
  • 2.5m power cord
  • Limited availability 
  • Not available anywhere else in the UK  

Ultimate Crimper. Ultimate Control. 

People always ask me how I prep hair. When I tell them I straighten and prep with crimpers they look at me like I’m mad. They think ‘1980’s crimped hair’. Here’s the secret. 

Teeth and handle. 

If you control the pressure, you control the style. 

The control handle provides you with complete control on how much texture you want to create, without leaving hair looking unnatural with harsh indentations. 

This is how I do it. 

By squeezing the control handle you can create volume at the root, but my favourite part about the Ultimate Crimper is being able to pulse and slide the crimpers through the lengths of the hair creating straight, yet textured hair.  The perfect prep. 

What makes these game changers?

Using hair straighteners is a sure fire way of killing an updo.  Straightening hair with crimpers provides volume and texture to the hair, whilst smoothing out kinks.  When using straighteners, hair strands become so flat and silky that they become impossible to work with.  

Here’s the technical bit... 

Take cardboard for example, cereal boxes are thin, flimsy and weak because they are single skin cardboard. Now compare this to a cardboard box which has a corrugated middle layer, the same material becomes more sturdy and durable. The same applies to hair. More volume, more strength. 

Most stylists are scared to crimp hair because of the indentation marks, leaving it looking unnatural.  The Ultimate Hair Crimpers have shallower teeth than anything available in the UK. Plus the large panel, with more teeth, means you can work quickly when prepping hair.  The result... a shallow ridge and no harsh indentation marks. 

When crimping hair it's important to adjust the temperature according to the hair type you are working with.  The Ultimate Crimper allows you to work at a low heat of 160c for fine hair and up to 220c for coarser hair or extreme root lift.  Personally, I work between 180c to 200c the majority of the time. The Ultimate Crimper also has teeth along the edge of the plate to prevent the hair from slipping.

 Welcome to the perfect prep club!

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